Quarantine Newsletter #3

Hello darlings!
Spring continues to be hot and cold here in Indy; there was a freeze warning last Friday but it is supposed to be 80 on Thursday. I’m going to start dressing in a winter coat over a summer dress. Prepared for any weather.
Fun activity:
I just really want you to go outside (and away from other people) when the weather is good. Soon it will get hot and stay hot and then you wont see me outside again until September. So enjoy this mild weather while it lasts. But spring also brings storms and rainy weather… so why not adventure from your home? You can also check out these museum tours. Pretend you are at Disney with the 360 panoramas. Wander along the Great Wall. I think these one is really neat. Check out this curated and animated collection of street art from all over the globe. Walk along the Eiffel tower here. While cleaning or cooking, leave this sea otter live stream up to keep you company. Do a deep dive into Monet with these exhibitions at the National Gallery of London. Enjoy the unprecedented access you have to literature, arts and culture. No other generation could see what we can for so little. Enjoy the democratization of Art. And then make your own.
Book Recommendation
We had lots of suggestions for books come in over last week. (N one for movies really so what does this say about my circle?)
First up:
Susan W
The Sun Down Motel. It’s a suspense thriller with a bit of horror mixed in to keep you on the edge of your seat. Wow. So good.
4 stars on Goodreads.
(I’ve added it to my books to read list! Also be my friend on goodreads!-Emmy)
Sarah B
“They killed my mother.
They took our magic.
They tried to bury us.
Now we rise.
Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi
I really enjoyed reading this book- it was hard to put down! There are some fairly dark parts, but it makes you more invested in the storyline. I really liked the mythology- I don’t know much about Nigerian gods/goddesses so it was a fresh take on the YA trope of powers granted by the gods for me. I read the second one, too, and am desperately waiting for the 3rd! (Spoiler warning: Didn’t love the ending of the 2nd book, we got so close to a resolution and then bam! nope.)
(This book is also on my to read pile and this book is very popular right now!- Emmy)
I do have a few recommendations as well. For my YA readers check out this review.
For someone who can tolerate reading about the current news, you should check out this pandemic thriller. And if you can’t, here a list of recommendations from Vox’s “ask a critic” series. “But Emmy” you say, “I want to read something really weird. But not gross weird.” Well. It is just an interview but you are welcome to search out the source and enjoy. (click the link, I promise it is good. I read bits of it out loud to Sam)
And hey, for this mother’s day…check out one of my favorite books from 2017. It will keep you up at night. It has flying murder bears and grotesque gene splicing. Plus a touching exploration of parenthood and the burden of trust.
Seriously, if you at all like or can tolerate a very very weird book, this one is wonderful. (Do you like Lovecraftian horror but hate his racism? Try Jeff Vandermeer) I read it all in one go and I felt like I’d swallowed a huge gulp of air for the first time in a long time. The writing is incredibly vivid. The characters feel oddly hollow and real at the same time. Its very strange and I liked it a lot. Get weird. It’s a pandemic. Read about Mord, the flying murder bear.
Movie Recommendation
I don’t care and you don’t care.
TV Recommendation
Emily B. just texted me with a recommendation for The Repair Shop available on Netflix. “British show were a group of craftspeople restore family heirlooms. Super relaxing. Similar to Great British Bake-Off in that everyone is nice. Very wholesome.” Gosh that just sounds amazing doesn’t it? Sam and I have already watched and rewatched GBBO too many times, so I’m thrilled to have a new option. Why is British people being nice to each other such an important culture need right now? Is this a delayed response to colonialism? Is this how the English apologize?
Recipe of the week
Honestly the recipe this week is whatever your mother’s favorite food is. But should she dither or refuse to answer or if what she likes is gross… make this cake instead. I will be! (I didn’t even ask mom what her favorite food was.) and while you are Food52, take some time to enjoy their website. It has wonderful food writing and reasonably priced kitchenwares. Not to mention this amazing deal on butter.
I’ve got lots more to write but it’s time for our socially distant mother’s day celebration so I’ll do better next week.
Good news Indy, Cinco De Mayo has come and gone but carry out margaritas are still a thing and here is a list of places that sell them.
That’s all folks!
Stay safe.

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